What to do on Valentine\'s Day in Istanbul?

What to do on Valentine\'s Day in Istanbul?

What to do on Valentine\'s Day in Istanbul?

When it comes to Valentine's Day celebrations in Turkey, there are a lot of options. If you're in a romantic relationship, this is the day to celebrate with your loved one. Regardless of your romantic status, Istanbul is sure to feature fun Valentine's Day activities for singles and couples alike. In this article, we have listed the things you can do on Valentine’s Day in Istanbul.

Dialogue in the Dark& Dialogue in the Silence

We all know that having an open line of communication is critical to a happy and healthy relationship. What about discussing complete darkness? Consider the scenario when you cannot communicate vocally with your significant other, yet you must nonetheless do so. The Turkcell Dialogue Museum, housed under Gayrettepe Metro Station, is ideal for this encounter. You'll learn the actual meaning of communicating with your loved one while being guided by a vision-impaired or hearing-impaired guide. 

Oil Painting in Masterpiece Goztepe

Painting classes for all skill levels are available at Masterpiece Goztepe in a relaxing setting with gentle background music to keep your creative talent flowing. We've named these sessions Ballerina, Flamenco, and Hipster, and we guarantee they'll be the perfect gift for your loved one. You can also check their other events and workshops held in Goztepe.

Salvatore Restaurant

Salvatore Restaurant prepares a wide range of meals to suit the tastes of its customers. With so many options, you're sure to find something you like and have a fantastic time with your sweetheart and some delectable cuisine. With its most romantic view and setting, this location has been carefully prepared for Valentine's Day.

Sunset at Hood, Moda

You and your companion are in for a real treat if you come here just before sunset. Because this location, which is typically stunningly gorgeous, will be much more so in the evening. One of the most popular locations on Valentine's Day in Anatolia is Hood Fashion Restaurant, which creatively and elegantly serves delicious meals.

Princess Island

The Princes Islands (Heybeli, Knal, Büyükada, Burgaz) are a great spot to spend Valentine's Day. On February 14, a cycling tour of the Islands will be available for those who enjoy nature hikes.