Nightlife in Antalya

Nightlife in Antalya

Nightlife in Antalya

Nightlife in Antalya

Antalya, the indispensable destination of the summer months, is one of the best in terms of nightlife. Wherever you go in Antalya, Side, Kaş, or Alanya, you won't fail to see an event. Clubs, bars, music halls, shows, there are many places open until late at night. The tables are always busy at night in the summer while people enjoy their drinks. You can even come across live music to enjoy. Usually, there are four well-known districts of Antalya to have a night out. In this article, we will talk about them.


Kaleiçi is Antalya's city center. It has a variety of bars, pubs, karaoke, restaurants, and many more. The nightlife is often lively, with a large number of young locals from universities as well as tourists. Most of the nightlife takes place on the harbor and Kaleiçi. You can spend the evening in a unique setting here. Hookah smoking bars can also be found, particularly in this neighborhood.

Alanya Harbor

Restaurants, pubs, and bars line the roadway between Alanya's waterfront, Alanya's Red Tower, and Alanya's Castle. The majority of visitors are tourists, but there are some residents as well. There are numerous restaurants, taverns, and pubs in Oba, Alanya.

The Old Town of Side

The old town of Side will surprise you with its lively nightlife. There is always some event going on the streets of the town. Locals and tourists are very kind to each other. Dozens of restaurants, bars, and open-air clubs take place in Side's old town. Sipping your delicious cocktails in one of those places can take your whole stress for the night.

Kaş Harbor

Although Kaş Harbor does not have big nightclubs, Kaş Harbor welcomes locals and tourists with its typical Greek-style appearance and numerous bars and pubs. Its restaurants open until very late hours and pubs until midnight.