The Latest Archeological Discoveries in Istanbul

The Latest Archeological Discoveries in Istanbul

The Latest Archeological Discoveries in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that is legendary in its history. It has seen many civilizations and cultures over the centuries. Its effects are still evident in the excavations of Istanbul. New findings provide insights into past cultures. Many excavations take place regularly in Istanbul and new museums are opened. In recent archaeological excavations, many mysterious findings reflecting history have emerged.

The city of discoveries, Istanbul has become the hidden land of many historical tombs, inscriptions, and many other cultures. If we talk about the latest discoveries made in Istanbul, we need to mention the findings found in 2021 and 2018.

Mysterious Skeletons in Boukoleon Palace

In the latest excavation work, skeletons of unknown how they died were unearthed in the Bukeleon Palace. The lack of missing parts of the skeletons found in the archaeological excavation in 2021 caused the discovery to provide more significant results.

The 1,600-year-old coastal palace of Byzantium is known as Bukeleon. While the restoration work was being done in this significant location, archaeological digs also began. Late Period walls, column capitals, and remnants of debris at the far point were discovered during the excavations in the Emperor's Pier section. Additionally, five meters below the surface, eight human skeletons could be seen next to the Emperor's Wharf section's north wall. It was noted that the skeletons were stacked on top of one another in the filled earth and without any identifiable burial features. Skeletons discovered inside the palace are dispersed, suggesting a sudden death that occurred thousands of years ago.

Looking at the skeleton found under the stone block, it is speculative that these people may have died during an earthquake. Since this palace, located on the side of the pier, was only open to the use of the emperor and his entourage, it is thought that the skeletons may belong to the title holders.

Interesting Grave Monument at Haydarpaşa Train Station

Excavations started at Haydarpaşa Train Station, where historical artifacts were located during the removal of its platforms, and have been continuing for four years. During the excavations started in 2018, a tomb monument belonging to the Late Hellenistic Period, which is important and the first for Istanbul, was found. Although there is not much information about that period, the discovery of a different find for the first time impressed archaeologists and experts.

This excavation gave very important information in terms of the history of Istanbul. Many findings have emerged from the proclamation of the Republic, dating back to the periods. Although there is not much data from the Hellenistic Period, Istanbul Archeology Museums Art Historian Yusuf Tokgöz gave the following information about the tomb monument. "We found a cremated skeleton in the tomb monument. As a burial gift, 10 ungartariums were found in a bronze bowl right next to it."

Findings found at both Haydarpaşa and Bukeleon continue to glorify Istanbul's history.