Top Summer Street Foods You Can Try in Istanbul

Top Summer Street Foods You Can Try in Istanbul

Top Summer Street Foods You Can Try in Istanbul

Istanbul is considered the center of many historical beauties and cultural richness. Thanks to its long-standing cultural diversity, it is also home to many cuisines. Known as the stop where different flavors are blended, Istanbul hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. You can always find local delicacies in Istanbul, but the taste of street foods is also different. In this article, you can find amazing street foods that you can try especially on hot summer days.

Turkish Ice Cream

If you are spending the summer in Istanbul, you are lucky. You can eat the world-famous Maraş ice cream or Alaçati ice cream. You can find these ice creams, specially made from goat's milk, in small stalls on many streets. While Maraş ice cream is an excellent option for milk lovers, Alaçati ice cream is a good option for those who like different flavors, such as figs or salted caramel.

Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed mussels are excellent street food that you can frequently come across on the streets of Istanbul, especially on the coastal roads. The cleaned mussels are filled with a specially prepared rice mixture and eaten by topping them with some lemon juice.


Corn is indispensable for fun summer walks in Istanbul. Corn on the cob, boiled or roasted, is sold by street vendors. On the other hand, corn in a cup has also become famous recently. You can enjoy your corn with different condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise.


Kumpir is also known as "baked potato" around the world. It is made by putting butter and cheddar into large-sized potatoes that are roasted. Although these are the main ingredients, you can add sausages, pickles, bulgur salad, and many more ingredients according to your wishes.

Kagit Helva (Wafer)

Kagit Helva, a type of wafer, is a local dessert dating back to the Ottoman period. It is usually sold around movie theaters, beaches, and parks and is an unforgettable taste for both children and grown-ups.

Cotton Candy

Colorful candies undoubtedly attract everyone's attention. You can find cotton candy, the fun flavor of Istanbul, on every street corner in summer. This fluffy candy is wrapped around a stick with a special machine in which sugar is melted and crystallized. Often, the kids play with the sticks left over from the finished candy.

Candy Apple

Candy apple is the indispensable sweet taste of Istanbul. Everyone knows the red apple that Snow White ate. Imagine apples that are red enough to outshine even that apple, covered in melted caramel. You can experience this perfect taste while visiting Istanbul.

Bonus: Pickle Juice

Finally, although it is not necessarily street food, it is impossible not to mention pickle juice. This flavor, which you can consume alongside the grilled fish sandwich on hot summer evenings, is a privilege offered by Istanbul. Pickle juice is generally known as an immune booster in the winter months due to its content. But the special pickle juice obtained from many vegetables has a refreshing and wonderful taste in summer as well.