Unique and Rich Turkish Breakfast

Unique and Rich Turkish Breakfast

Unique and Rich Turkish Breakfast

Unique and Rich Turkish Breakfast

Breakfast in Turkey is more than a meal; it's an experience. Turkish breakfast consists of several small dishes, sweet and savory, accompanied by bread and complimented with Turkish black tea) served in traditional tulip-shaped glass cups, and is meant to be pleasant, shared, and enjoyed. Serpme breakfast is a unique concept that consists of small plates with various products and flavors, such as a cheese platter, a tomato side dish, fresh herbs, peppers, jams, tahini, butter, bal-kaymak (honey and clotted cream), different kinds of olives, olive oil, and so on.

The Importance of the Turkish Breakfast

Serpme kahvaltı is all about sharing the meal, which is practically spread across the entire table, and enjoying the experience with family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, or anybody else who is hungry. It is a time-honored way to have breakfast for several hours. On weekends, Turkish people go out to famous cafés and restaurants to enjoy breakfast with family and friends or head to the countryside for a rustic breakfast experience.

Eagan Breakfast

Aegean breakfasts are rich in fresh greens, olives, and extra virgin olive oil. Fresh herbs and olives from the region are combined with boyoz, Ezine (full-fat white cheese), and Bergama cheese made primarily of ewe's milk and matured in sheepskin sack).

Gaziantep’s Breakfast

Gaziantep offers a fantastic breakfast that has earned it international renown for its cuisine. Beyran (a substantial soup prepared with saturated lamb fat that's topped with rice and shredded lamb meat) is one of the region's most popular breakfast meals, and it's paired with katmer (thin phyllo dough with plenty of pistachios, sugar, and butter served with clotted cream) and other delicacies.

Van’s Breakfast

Van's breakfast buffet is the most elaborate in Turkey. The words van and breakfast are almost synonymous in Turkey, and Van-style breakfast places have popped up in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara. The Van breakfast table is known for its extensive menu, which consists entirely of natural goods. Regional specialties such as the famous otlu (herbed cheese), a somewhat crumbly, flavorsome cheese laced with a herb called sirmo, colloquially known as "wild garlic," are served in Van breakfast restaurants.