Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Lanterns

Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Lanterns

Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Lanterns

Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Lanterns

As we all know, handmade objects have always been more appreciated since they require artisanal skills and so much more time spend than machine-made ones. Most of the handmade pieces directly reflect a society’s culture in its detail when we actually ponder upon it.

One of these things is the recently trendy Turkish lanterns and mosaic coated lamps that you can see everywhere in the streets or places as part of the decoration.

These lamps are made with small cut glass that is assembled together by using plaster. The plaster used in the process is heat resistant which protects the glass mosaic from an overheated bulb. Since all the pieces are handmade, they all have unique features and do not have the same patterns.

The first known samples of these authentic lamps are known to be during the Ottoman Empire and Seljuk Dynasty eras. The main lighting method used in the sultans’ palaces was oil lamps positioned whether on the walls or the ceiling. The oil lamps were of great importance at that time due to their durability and easy use. They also found their place in the art pieces and handworks that can be seen today in the historical sights.

Although the lamps mostly seem like a part of the upper social life in Turkey back in the day, families from the middle class and people with lower income levels also used these oil lamps but instead putting cheaper and more affordable oils inside to burn them.

Over the years, the mosaic lamps and lanterns became a part of the charming oriental side of Turkish culture. They may look very complex and elaborate in style, but they are also very versatile in terms of usage and decorative designs.

Where to Buy Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Lanterns?

As we said before, they’re commonly used in Turkey from cafes and restaurants to hotels and even as garden lamps. Therefore, it’s not that hard to find one if you’re considering buying one of these lamps.

If you’re traveling to Istanbul, you can find sellers in most of the touristic spots of Sultanahmet, Eminonu, Sırkeci, and Beyazit. The stores usually display the mosaic lamps on the outside of their showcase area to create an eye-catching design for tourists. However, be careful not to rush when choosing the first one you see because there might be more as you walk through the streets. You may also consider your personal style first to create a complementary look in your interior place. Some of the mosaic lamps have a more colorful aesthetic, while others go for a subtle look.

If you decided on the style and the type of lamp, you can talk to the buyer and don’t be shy about looking into it by touching because there might be some impurities or minor detriments to the lamp. Last but not least, ask for a protective sheet or a pack that you can wrap around your lamp because you’re probably going to need it to carry in your luggage when going back home.