Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling

“Don’t believe in fortune-telling but never be without it either!” You are likely to hear this sentence from gypsies or other fortune tellers from all around the world. How good is these guys’ marketing, right? Well, our subject is one of the most fun things ever: fortune-telling through Turkish coffee.

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is both like and not like espresso at the same time. It is identical to espresso in terms of the amount, outlook, and the way it takes away to sleep. However, it is also pretty different.

Turkish coffee has been a part of the Anatolian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. Unlike espresso, Turkish coffee includes the baked coffee parts within, which are used to make fortune-telling. It is called “telve” in Turkish, and after you drink your coffee, fortune teller can try (!) to see your future through this. We will get there.

Another thing different than espresso is that Turkish coffee is not something you drink fast and run away. It has a culture of calming down, taking a breath, sharing your troubles or joys, conversation, and kindness. Not that espresso is something unkind, but there is a saying in Turkish that “a cup of Turkish coffee is equal to 40 years of friendship.” You get the point.

How Does Fortune-Telling Made?

Well, obviously, you will need a fortune teller first. Once you finish your Turkish coffee which is served inside a ceramic cup (or something similar) on a small plate, you will see telve at the bottom of the cup. Do not try to eat telve, it is too bitter and you will be eating your fortune!

Once telve can be seen, you should cover the top of the cup with your plate under it. Then turn the cup upside down, make a wish and make three-chamber rounds in the air with your cup. Do not get off your chair; just do 3 times of shaking in front of your torso.

When you do this telve will spread across the plate and the cup where your fortune will be showed. Or not. Remember the first sentence!

Fortune teller waits for the cup to get cold then opens it. At that moment, fortune-telling starts. From what the teller can see inside the cup, he/she will try to tell your fortune and share information about your future.

How Much Does Fortune Telling Costs

If you have a Turkish friend who is into coffee, he or she might give you one in return for a cup of Turkish coffee. However, there are so-called professionals who are doing such jobs to earn their living.

It is perfectly safe to spend some quality time and enjoy the experience by buying a fortune-telling session from a gypsy or someone who is working for a coffee shop. However, make sure to talk about price before, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Fortune-telling through Turkish coffee is a great way to start a conversation for Turkish people. It is also an alternative way to speak about troubles which a person may not want to talk directly. In short, it is an excuse to start a conversation and spend quality time among friends or make some new friends!