Nightlife in Istanbul

Nightlife in Istanbul

Nightlife in Istanbul

Nightlife in Istanbul

Istanbul, a city that never sleeps, has one of the most attractive nightlife scenes in the whole world. With over 15 million inhabitants in the city, Istanbul has a nightlife scene to everyone's taste. Wherever you look, there is a club, bar, concert halls, and much more. If you are not sure where to go for a night out in Istanbul, we are here to guide you.


Beyoglu is the most known district to go for a night out in Istanbul. In the streets of Asmali Mescit, Istiklal, and Karakoy, you will find lots of pubs, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The streets are a little complex, so you may need a map but the ambiance of Beyoglu is casual and vibrant. Some of the recommended places to go are Goya, Indigo, Kloster, Gizli Bahçe, Peyote Nevizade.


You will witness the energy of Turkish youth here. Go into any music hall, and encounter many music genres from indie, punk to heavy metal. Kadköy has been carefully concealing the city's true nightlife, so you won't see many tourists here. Yet you will encounter the friendliest people here. Some of the recommended places to go are Arkaoda, Viktor Levi Winehouse, Karga, and Ayı.


Babylon, Istanbul's most famous performance theater, relocated from Beyoglu to the former Bomonti beer plant in 2015. It brought other restaurants, bars, and art galleries with it, and together they built an art space in the middle of Istanbul. It is a nice location to have a drink, dine, and attend a concert, and it has been quite popular ever since. You can also check out places such as Popülist, Delimonti, Kilimandjaro, Kiva.


Nişantaş is an Istanbul central area with a western vibe. For a long time, it was the area of Turkish intellectuals such as Orhan Pamuk; today, it is separated into two sections: one devoted to fashion and luxury brands, and another more relaxing where new urban lifestyles (vegetarianism, pubs, barista cafés, yoga salons...) are practiced.