Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city with hundreds of colors. In this beautiful city, you can sometimes mingle with the crowds and feel the spirit of the city, and sometimes you can spend time with yourself and nature. In this article, we have listed the most beautiful hiking trails close to Istanbul for those who want to spend time with nature.

Polonezköy Nature Park / İstanbul

Polonezköy Nature Park is Istanbul's first nature park. This one-of-a-kind location, which was declared as a natural park in 1994, covers 3000 hectares. It is now Istanbul's largest natural area. The park, which is home to a variety of bird, plant, and tree species, allows you to spend a relaxing day away from the city's bustle and just listen to bird noises.

Belgrad Forest / İstanbul

Belgrad Forest, which is a paradise in the middle of the city, welcomes nature lovers with its clean air. You can spend a pleasant day in the forest, which has an area of ​​approximately 5,500 hectares. Belgrad Forest is a frequently preferred spot, especially because it is easily accessible.

Saklıgöl / Şile

Şile, the quiet district of Istanbul, offers pleasant moments to nature lovers with Saklıgöl. After a non-tiring walk on the 2-3 km track around the lake, you can have a hot tea against the view. For a longer walk, you can choose the 12 km track of the Darlık Dam Lake.

Uçmakdere / Tekirdağ

Uçmakdere is located in Şarköy, the magnificent district of Tekirdağ. The track consists of steep slopes and dirt roads. During your hiking adventure, you can watch the vineyards by the roadside. When you reach the top, the magnificent Dardanelles and the Marmara Sea views will be waiting for you.

Ballıkayalar / Kocaeli

Ballkayalar Nature Park is a popular destination for camping, climbing, and hiking. Ballkayalar, which has several trails, requires caution due to the rocky and wet ground. There is a natural pool and waterfall at the end of the trail.

Menekşe Plateau / Kocaeli

Menekşe Plateau is a hidden beauty located 135 kilometers from Istanbul. Although the track is easy in general, it sometimes requires you to climb. Since spring rains are frequent in the plateau, we recommend you to go prepared for rainy weather.