Best Souvenir Shops in Istanbul

Best Souvenir Shops in Istanbul

Best Souvenir Shops in Istanbul

Best Souvenir Shops in Istanbul

When you are about to go back to your hometown from a trip, one of the must-do things is buying a unique gift for your beloved ones. Especially, in Istanbul, you won't have a hard time finding a gift as the city has a wide range of cultural souvenirs in lots of souvenir shops. From Turkish Tea to Turkish black soap, from Turkish spices to Turkish delight, you will find a variety of shopping options.

Alaaddin Gift Shop

From lamps and vases to handmade bed covers, you will be able to find a beautiful reminder to take home with you. At Alaaddin Gift Shop, you can find quality products at cheaper prices than other gift shops. Situated in Sultanahmet, Alaaddin Gift Shop is said to be the best gift shop in its region. You can visit the shop between 09:00 am to 11:00 pm every day.

Fes Cafe and Abdulla Natural Products

"Fes Cafe" and "Abdulla Natural Products," with two great locations inside and outside the Grand Bazaar, are a fantastic stop after an amazing experience in the Old Town. With its olive oil soaps, tea glasses, peshtamals (light cotton towels), Abdullah Natural Products will present you with a great shopping experience.

Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı Shop

Being one of the best Turkish baths, Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı also has an excellent gift shop with its products that will make you remember the city. You can buy anything from beautiful handmade peştamel to traditional hamam wooden clogs, copper washing bowls to fragrant soaps, the gift shop after a pleasing hamam experience.

Motif Collection

Motif Collection has been providing the highest quality fully handcrafted carpets and kilims since 1992. Their collection also includes carpets from all over Turkey, as well as antiques and rare fragments. Motif Collection also sells handcrafted Turkish ceramics, handcrafted bone boxes, and one-of-a-kind Turkish giftware. Motif Collection only deals in older Anatolian Dowry-made Turkish carpets and kilims, and they repair and wash them. If you want to leave the country with authentic and gorgeous carpets, Motif Collection is a great stop to visit.

Aslan Gift Shop

Aslan Gift Shop sells high-quality souvenirs for its visitors to remember their visit to Istanbul or give as a gift to their friends. In the fancy gift shop that is located in Sirkeci/Istanbul, they sell nargiles(hookah), Nazar (the evil eye), mugs, bracelets, and all kinds of Turkish-themed gifts.